Post Hours:

​     Monday - Sunday:   Closed

                                  Thursday  :   12pm to 5pm

                                     Friday :  12pm to 5pm

                                    Saturday :   12pm to 5 pm

                                         Sunday:   11am to 3pm

Post Leadership:

                 Commander: Steve Gilbert

                       Senior Vice: Rev Gruner

                          Junior Vice: John Shipley

                    Quarter Master: Ronnie  Lawler

                                     Chaplin: Jerry Calloway

                                  Surgeon: Howard Clark

                                      Adjutant: Andrew Aranda

                Judge Advocate: Jerry Cowins

          House Com Chair: Rev Gruner

                      Service Officer: Rick Wheelock

                      Trustee,  3-Year: Wally Valentine

                   Trustee, 2-year: Steven Keller

                      Trustee, 1-year: Howard Clark 

Auxiliary Leadership:

          President: Dana Rauch

                               Senior Vice: John 'Shotgun' Simpson

         Junior Vice: Phyllis White

                              Secretary: Mary Simpson-Rauch

                       Treasurer: Georgia Messerall

Trustee, 3-Year: Phyllis White

     Trustee, 2-Year: Sandie Arruda

 Trustee, 1-Year: Larry Rauch

                           Chaplin: Jacqueline Rauch

                      Conductress: Stacey Gilbert-Hines

                      Guard: Jenna Bernick



3801 Market St Ventura CA United States 93003


(805) 642-2674

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